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1u Server Case

Athena Power 1U Rack Mount Server Case With Power Supply CPU FAN


Supermicro SC813MTQ-350CB 1U Server Chassis (No Motherboard/CPU/RAM/HDD)


1U (Mini ITX Case)(D:9.84")(2x2.5" or 3.5" HDD)(2x4cm Fan)(Rackmount Chassis)NEW


1U 19" Rack Mount Server Case Chassis 5.25" 3.5" Drive Bays & 2x USB Port


SUPERMICRO SuperChassis Black 1U Rackmount Server Case


1U Server Rackmount Chassis EATX 8X 2.5" SATA HOTSWAP Bay CHENBRO RM13108 NO PSU


Chenbro 1U Rackmount Server Case ATX 4X3.5 SAS / SATA HOTSWAP RM13704 270W PSU


*Lot of 6* SuperMicro 1U server chassis case CSE-512L-260B 14"


Dynapower EJ-1U403-C 1U 16" Rackmount Server Case | 350W Power Supply Included


1U ITX (Programmable LCD module)(2xSSD HDD)(Rackmount Chassis)(D:9.84") Case NEW


1U 400W ITX(2x2.5"/3.5" HDD Bay)(Rackmount Chassis)(2x4cm Fan)(D:9.84" Case) NEW


1U 80+ 250W PSU Mini-ITX(D:9.84")(2 x HDD Case)(2x4cm Fan)(Rackmount Chassis)NEW


1U 300W ITX (2x2.5"/3.5" HDD Bay)(Rackmount Chassis)(2x4cm Fan)(D:9.84" Case)NEW


1U (3.5" Open Bay) (80PLUS 400W PSU)(Rackmount Chassis) ITX(9.84" Deep Case) NEW


QSSC Quanta S98J 1U Rackmount Server Case 4 X 3.5 Hotswap Bay


1U ITX (300W 80+ PSU) (2x2.5" OR 3.5" HDDs) (Rackmount Chassis)(D:9.84 Case) NEW


1U 250W(Maximum 12 x 2.5" HD)(Rackm​ount Chassis)(M​icro-ATX/ITX)D12.6" Case NEW


1U ITX (3.5" Open Bay) (80PLUS 250W PSU) Rackmount Chassis (9.84" Deep Case) NEW


1U Sparkle 300W(5.25"+2xHD Bay)(Rackmount Chassis)(ATX/ITX)(D:21" 4xFan Case)NEW


1U 250W(Maximum 12 x 2.5" HDD)(Rackmount Chassis)(Micro-ATX/ITX)D:12.6" Case NEW


ARK 1U125 Black Aluminum/Steel 1U Rackmount Server Case w/o Power Supply


1U 500W(Maximum 12 x 2.5" HDD)(Rackmount Chassis)(Micro-ATX/ITX) D12.6" Case NEW


1U(80+ 500W PSU)(ITX D:9.84" Case)(2 x HD Case)(2x4cm Fan)(Rackmount Chassis)NEW


1U (Mini ITX Case)(D:9.84")(2x2.5" or 3.5" HDD)(with 250W)(Rackmount Chassis)NEW


CHENBRO RM13108 1U 8 2.5" Bay SATA Storage Server Barebone Chassis w/ 2x 650W PS


1U (D:9.84")(80+PLUS 400W )(Rackmount Chassis)(2xHDD)Mini-ITX AlumFront Case NEW


1U ITX (250W PSU) (3.5" Open or 2xHDD Bay) (Rackmount Chassis)(D:9.84" Case) NEW


1U ITX (1xSATA Hot-Swap Backplane HDD Box) Rackmount Chassis ( D:9.84") Case NEW


1U ITX (2x SATA/SAS Hot-Swap 2.5" HDDs Box)(Rackmount Chassis)(D:9.84" Case) NEW


1U (Short D:11.8")(4x2.5" SSD HDD)(Rackmount Chassis)(Micro-ATX​ / ITX) Case NEW


1U (400W PSU) (12 x 2.5" HDDs)(Rackmount Chassis)(Micro-ATX/ITX) D12.6" Case NEW


1U (D:9.84")(80 PLUS-500W )(Rackmount Chassis)(2xHDD)Mini-ITX AlumFront Case NEW


1U 300W(Maximum 12 x 2.5" HDD)(Rackmount Chassis)(Micro-ATX/ITX) D12.6" Case NEW


1U Shortest ITX (80Plus 250W PSU) (Rackmount Chassis)(2xHDDs) (D:9.84" Case) NEW


1U 250W PSU (Short D11.8")(4x2.5" HDD)(Rackmount Chassis)(Micro-ATX/ITX)Case NEW


1U Fan-LCD(500W PSU) ( 5.25" / 3.5"/ 2x2.5" HDD) (Rackmount Chassis)ITX Case NEW


1U (250W PSU)(Mini-ITX Case)(D:9.84")(2 x HDD)(2x4cm Fans)(Rackmount Chassis)NEW