Brazilian jeans are becoming such a hot item lately. And this is for good reason. This is one of those pieces of clothing that can make a woman look and feel sexy. As such, they are such a popular piece of clothing in its native Brazil and are becoming popular as well in other parts of the world. Its success has also inspired designers to create pants with its unique styling cues. But the question is, if ever you’ll buy one of these, what would be the reasoning? And what is the secret behind its unique appeal?


A Short History Of Brazilian Jeans

If there’s one thing that make Brazilians stand out from other races, it is their unbridled passion. You can see it in different forms, from how they do their dances to how they play their football. They seem to have this knack for being sensual, and it is serving them well in more ways than one. This emphasis to sensuality gets carried over with their unique style of making jeans. And while they are popular as casual wear, the main reason why they are created is for use in Funk Balls. This is a unique song and dance party in Brazil (most prominently in Rio) where most of the youth congregate. Of course, they would like to be attractive during this event, and one of the ways to do that is to wear jeans that to say the least, makes their feminine curves more pronounced.


What Makes These Jeans What They Are?

Brazilian JeansThis can be divided into 2 factors: the fabric used in making them and the way in which they are cut. Let’s first start with the fabric. Brazilian made denim is reputed to be more flexible than others. The secret behind this higher level of elasticity is the high thread count associated with native Brazilian cotton. This results into a higher density fabric, which results into better elasticity and durability. Another thing that makes these pants what they are is the cut. It’s cut in such a way that the female’s lower curves such as the legs, butt, and hips, are accentuated. It’s one thing that these pants are low-cut. Then these pants curve at or just below the hips, giving that “highlighting effect” for your ass and hips. Then the legs are made skinny so the contours of the legs are better seen.


Who Wears Brazilian Jeans?

To say the least, a lot of people have been wearing these jeans, or at least iterations inspired by it. It’s very popular in its native Brazil, being worn by everyone ranging from the young to the old. They love these pants not only because they are remarkably comfortable, but also because they look sexier while wearing it. It has proven to be so popular that these pants are now being imported to different parts of the world.


Getting Sensual With Jeans

Brazilian JeansWho says you cannot be sensual while wearing jeans? You can get that Brazilian vibe of sensuality by wearing Brazilian jeans.